Emotions Deserve Space

Miranda Skye Bullock
2 min readJan 28, 2022


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Friend, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re bargaining with your emotions or feel as though whatever you’re feeling doesn’t deserve space?

Late last week I was angry, sad, and hurt.

I told myself that I had no business experiencing these emotions and that I was being crazy.

Then I flicked those thoughts away and gave myself permission to allow the emotions to be what they were without judgment.

That shift allowed those feelings a swift passage and gave me the perspective and peace necessary to handle the emotions with grace.

Once I accepted my feelings, acknowledged them, and gave them space they lost their weight and power.

I was able to take control of my emotions, by welcoming them and allowing myself time to sit with them and process them.

As I was able to do this my anger, sadness, and hurt faded away.

Emotions are just indicator lights, and when we ignore them, stuff them down, or put on blinders they just become bigger problems. Research has shown that the suppression of emotions results in anxiety, depression, and creates psychological distress and symptoms such as heart disease, intestinal problems, headaches, insomnia, and autoimmune disorders.

Also, our emotions and feelings urge us to check in with ourselves and help us to learn from our mistakes. Without them we’d keep repeating the same behavior patterns and experience the same repercussions, forever locked in a downward spiral when we ignore them we deny ourselves the growth that comes from strong emotions.

Our emotions cannot be talked away or beaten down because our brains tell us that they are wrong, illogical, or — in my case — crazy.

Emotions are not right or wrong and cannot be chosen, as they are natural biological responses from our bodies.

They just are what they are, and we — my friend — are allowed to feel them.

Our power comes when we sit with our emotions and allow them space. When we process them and set to learning whatever it is our feelings are telling us, instead of being ruled by them.

Most people are ruled by their emotions without any awareness that this is happening. But once you realize the power of emotions, simply acknowledging your own can help greatly. Hiliary Jacobs Hendel

Until I allowed myself to do this, to sit and allow my emotions space, I was stuck within my head and missing the value that comes when emotions are tended to and used wisely.

Emotions can give us information on a situation that is affecting us and prompt us to make necessary shifts to ensure that our needs are met if we allow them to.


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